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About this experience

What better way to blend than with friends. Join me for a Scentsory Experience you won't soon forget! During our signature fragrance party, you and your guests will meet with Tyleene and experience our Signature Collection and our intuitive fragrance process. Based upon, your preferences and our expertise, Tyleene will create custom fragrances for you and your guests. During your experience, with the help of our fragrance artisan, you will explore each note and formulate your custom scent.  While it is free to book and host a Scentsory Experience, our artisans are paid based upon the fragrances you and your guests blend and the products you and your guests purchase at the event. 

What's included in this experience?

  • Custom Fragrance Profile

  • Custom Curated Palette of Notes 

  • 2.5 Hour Fragrance Event w/ Fragrance Artisan Tyleene

  • One 15 ml ($85) or 50 ml ($165) bottle of custom fragrance


*Currently, in-person experiences are only available in the Metropolitan Atlanta Area

Interested in hosting a Private Fragrance Experience or becoming a L'Artisan Muse Fragrance Artisan?  Email us at info@lartisanmuse.com.

Your Host

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Meet Your Fragrance Artisan ~ Cimone!

We asked Cimone a few questions about self care, fragrance and why she joined our team!

✨What’s your favorite way to indulge in self care?

Self care for me begins with creating a playlist that gets me through the day, a mix of nostalgic classics and new sounds. Music to me is a medium of connection — to self, to peers and to the world. My favorite playlist, titled Nuage, sets my meditation aesthetic and I occasionally share it while instructing yoga on my college campus. I'm proud to practice and teach yoga, to be the muse of body recovery and self discovery.

✨What are your drink/snack go-to’s?

When grocery shopping…I don't walk, I SPRINT to Trader Joes' Watermelon Cucumber Cooler. This treat is a smooth combination. I love to snack on any variation of popcorn white cheddar, kettle, butter,etc!

✨Why do you love fragrance?

Fragrance triggers memories — learning this craft and sharing this gift with others is always grounding. L'Artisan Muse is my mother's absolute favorite. She wears her custom blend everyday, which emits feminine and timeless notes. Working with this pallet...I love to say that fragrance fuels me; it's a constant reminder to carry myself like the lady I smell like.

✨Why did you choose to join our team?

My energy attracted this opportunity. I'm fairly new to the workforce, so far I've gathered that my preferred work environment is one that surrounds me with like-minded individuals who inspire, support, challenge, and motivate me! Chémin, the brand, and the Un Deux Trois Cadre means so much to me because I look to my counterparts to ideate professionally and personally.

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