Our emotions make us human. They connect us and protect us.

But when we repress them or hold them in, they can create a lot of distress.

Here are some signs that you are emotionally exhausted:

💜You often isolate yourself from others
✨You feel emotionally numb or unable to feel emotions
💜You tend to focus on your mistakes, flaws or failures
✨You feel insecure
💜You constantly feel the need to apologize or explain yourself
✨You easily sink into worry and anxiety
💜You lash out at your family and friends
✨You often struggle to focus

Here’s how you can take some much needed emotional rest.

1.  Take emotional inventory. If there are events or people in your life who drain you emotionally, do your best to either remove these types of people or events from your life or minimize how often you engage with them.

2.  Stop comparing yourself. When you try to change yourself or fit in or act like you’re something you’re not...it’s emotionally exhausting. It’s much easier to let that go and just be yourself. Take a break from social media and comparisonitis. Embrace who you are.

3.  Take a page from Brene Brown and be vulnerable. Yes, it can be risky. But if you’re willing to open up to a friend or family member that you trust, you will be more emotionally at ease. If you feel more comfortable talking to a counselor or therapist, then do that instead.

4.  Make time for yourself. If you’re a mom or wife, or just the type of person who is always taking care of others, you need time to rest. So make time for yourself when you’re not responsible for anyone else. It’s restorative not just to your body and mind, but your emotions as well.

5.  Move your body. Any type of movement, even for just 15 minutes, can help you lower stress hormones and restore your emotional balance.

6.  Start an emotions journal. Writing down experiences and emotions will help you reflect and process them. Journaling has proved to be beneficial with reducing stress and negative emotions.

7.  Have a good cry. We often have a lot of built up emotions that we hold inside because it doesn’t feel like the right time or situation to scream or cry out loud. Or things happen and emotions bubble up later on. So make time to feel them. Play a sad song to cry to or if you’re angry, play something that is great background music to your kickboxing moves.

Don’t wait for emotional exhaustion to find you. Monitor your emotions so you can get the emotional rest you need before you find yourself ready to burst or completely drained.
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