If you’ve made self care a priority, you know how important rituals can be for your overall health and wellness. There are many habits and rituals we love to share with you and dry brushing is one of our favorites. 


Dry Brushing

You’ve probably heard about dry brushing, but you may not know why it’s such a great ritual to implement into your wellness routine, so let’s break it down! 


5 Benefits of Dry Brushing

  1. Increases the blood flow and circulation in your body to help eliminate metabolic waste and re-energize you.
  2. Stimulates your lymphatic system and increases lymphatic drainage so your body can better fight infections and keep you healthy.
  3. Exfoliates dead skin cells to gently stimulate your skin to create new cells so you glow and look radiant!
  4. Reduces the appearance of cellulite by softening and distributing fat deposits more evenly. It also helps to remove waste and toxins that build up under your skin so it appears smoother.
  5. Reduces stress and muscle tension with the massage of the brush and brings you a sense of calm. 

If you’re ready to start your own dry brushing ritual and reap all of the benefits above, here are some tips to get you started!

Dry Brushing Tips

  • Choose a natural bristle brush as they are softer and gentler on your skin. A soft bristle brush with a long handle is great for your body and also allows you to reach your back. Be sure to choose a separate, smaller brush for your face.
  • The best time to dry brush is before you shower, whether in the morning to energize you for the day or later in the evening to help you wind down before bed.
  • When dry brushing, start at your feet and slowly work your way up to your neck and shoulders. Brush upward towards your heart with a light, sweeping motion. Be very gentle on your neck, armpits and groin areas as these are where your largest lymph nodes are located.  
  • Use a smaller brush for your face and brush along the curves with light, upward strokes from your jawline to your temple.
  • Depending on how sensitive your skin is, you can dry brush every day, every other week or somewhere in between. Listen to your body and do what feels best for your skin. Either way,  you will receive the benefits!
  • Clean and replace your brush according to its instructions.

After dry brushing, give yourself even brighter, healthier skin with our Smooth Operator duo. Step into the shower and scrub away rough layers of skin with the sugar granules of our Etré Exfoliant. When you step out, dip your fingers into the Beurre and spread this silky wonder all over to moisturize your whole body from head to toe. 

By practicing dry brushing and indulging in our Smooth Operator duo, you can give yourself a luxurious spa treatment right at home.

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