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Mother & Muse

Mothers are our very first muses.


They can make the world seem like the most magical place with just the flash of a smile and a sparkle of light in their eyes.


They are the maker of moments both large and small, moments that become beautiful memories we often relive and share with others. Memories we can clearly visualize in our minds and memories we will carry with us our entire lives


And what makes these memories so strong are the senses that are so deeply connected to them. 


Small moments or daily things like:

  • The smell of her favorite tea or coffee
  • The flowers she always brought home from the store
  • The sound of her on the phone as she happily chatted with her own mother or her friends
  • Saturday mornings when she played her favorite music as she cleaned the house
  • The smell of the lotion or fragrance she put on every day before leaving the house



And big moments like:

  • When she took you to buy your first dress or pantsuit for your first dance, prom, graduation or other big event
  • Excitedly opening up college letters to see if you were accepted and exclaiming with joy when you were
  • Bringing home your first serious love or announcing your engagement and the overwhelming feeling of nervousness or excitement
  • The celebration of your wedding and the song that played when you danced with your mother or father or had a dance as a family
  • Sharing the news of your first pregnancy…and every beautiful new addition to your family…and your mom supporting you through birth and bringing home baby



While these are more pleasant memories, we know the mother-daughter relationship is complex and not all memories are so sweet. Every relationship is different and a more difficult dynamic between mother and daughter can take years to evolve to a place of love and ease that requires a lot of inner work, communication, boundaries and grace.


And for those of us whose mothers have moved on from this earthly place, our memories are bittersweet reminders of the person we miss with every beat of our heart, or the person we wish we had more time with so we could have created a better relationship.


Our memories, both big and small, are connected to our senses. What we heard, saw or felt at the time make up our sensory memory of these specific events.


And so many of our memories are connected to MOM - our maker of magic, our maker of memories…and for some of us she is just the person we need in this life to ignite our growth.


If you are blessed to still have your mother here, honor and celebrate her this Mother’s Day. 


If you have a more complex relationship with your mother, honor the journey of your growth together and what you can do to help you both expand and evolve into a place of more ease.


If your mother is now your heavenly angel, honor her by sitting with your memories and feelings and sending them into the Universe with love.


And if you want to do something special and memorable to honor and celebrate your mother, or if you want to reconnect with her on your path to more peace and ease, book a Fragrance Experience you can enjoy together and always remember.


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