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The Best Crystals for Grounding

Crystals and stones are an incredible gift of nature. They’ve been under the earth’s surface for thousands of years accumulating vibrations that align with our internal energy systems, our chakras. So, whether they truly have healing benefits or are just charged up with our positive energy and intentions, we believe they are beneficial.  And, for that reason, we include at least one hand selected crystal in each of our crystal infused body oils.


So, since we’ve been talking about grounding, here’s a short list of some of the best crystals and stones that are believed to help with inner balance and stability.


*Black Tourmaline is featured in our Om Crystal Infused Body Oil.  It is believed to clear out negative emotions, thoughts, and patterns accumulated in one’s aura, which frees you and leaves you open to positivity.


*Smoky Quartz exudes beautiful balancing and grounding energy. These crystals ground and cleanse not just your energy, but the energy around you as well.


*Elite Shunghite is a lustrous, black rock that absorbs and neutralizes radiation frequencies, blocking the harmful rays from our cell phones, laptops and everywhere else protecting our bodies from their dangerous effects. This grounding stone helps purify negative energies and emotions, transmuting them into the light. It helps you feel clear-headed, grounded and balanced.


*The Clear quartz crystal is used to enhance our Zen Crystal Infused Body Oil.  It is known for having high vibrations and for clearing the mind, body and spirit of clutter.  It can help to align the bearer with the highest form of themselves so that they may reach their full potential.  The meaning associated with this crystal is a very powerful one, particularly for those who are setting new goals. This quartz is a supportive one and helps us to carve out a vision that is unique to us. In addition to this, the crystal has the power to drown out any noise from the outside world to create a pathway to your goals and to turn them into a reality in the mind’s eye. 


*Hematite is another protective stone that can help keep you stay grounded and balanced and shield you from negative energies.


*Black Obsidian is created by the fast cooling of lava. It has a strong and deep connection with the earth and is great to use to re-ground yourself after you’ve done some spiritual work.


*Unakite Jaspar is excellent for balancing and grounding, especially if you are emotionally distressed due to relationship issues.


These are just a few of the best stones to help you feel grounded and balanced as well as amplify your efforts towards becoming the best version of yourself


Have you tried any? What are your favorites?


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