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What Sunrises and Sunsets can do for you

We all know how magical sunrises and sunsets can be, right?

Though we hardly tend to notice them unless we’re on vacation somewhere in the Caribbean.

But the sun is here no matter where you are in the world, no matter what day it is, and besides giving you a healthy dose of Vitamin D...here’s what else it can do for you.

*It gives you all those feel-good, positive vibes...who couldn’t use more of those?

*It gives you a reason to go outside whether it’s an early morning walk with the sunrise to energize you for the day or a way to ground yourself as you wind down for the evening with a sunset.

*It inspires you! Sunrises and sunsets have a spiritual, healing, expansive energy that can really get your creative juices flowing.

*It makes you more grateful for the Earth - this beautiful planet we get to live on...and it may just inspire you to get more involved with taking care of it.

*And our favorite...It GROUNDS you as you slow down to appreciate the view — those colors are truly magical.

Do you have any sunrise or sunset rituals?
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